Rain Water Harvesting

Sulina Farm is excited to offer a new design that can help you help the overall health of our planet, the Rain Water Harvesting System (RWH).

Designed to capture, filter, and reuse rainwater that runs off roofs, RWH can store the water in an underground vault and filter the water for future use on lawns or flowerbeds, topping off pools or hot tubs, and washing of vehicles or buildings. By using water in this fashion we alleviate demand on municipal systems, avoid water restrictions, and reduce water bills and city storm sewer charges.

[Rain Water Harvesting System]

But this is merely the short-term effect. The most beneficial aspect of the RWH is that it has the ability to reintroduce the rainwater back into the water tables, thus replacing the water that we use from the ground. In areas where development has taken place, most rainwater runs off the land by way of storm drains or ditches, and is eventually introduced into the natural waterways. Because water moves so quickly along the developed areas, it picks up pollutants in the form of hydrocarbons and introduces them into our streams and waterways. RWH traps the water, and any overflow from the system will allow the water to soak back into the ground. This helps alleviate the rapid run-off problem.

[Rain barrel]

We offer a variety of Rain Barrel products which provide inconspicuous access to the collected rain water. Just connect your garden hose and you're using water collected from your own roof rather than the city or county supply.

As Certified Aquascape Contractors we are introducing this product to all those who are concerned with the environment and how to clean our part of Indiana. Contact us for more information on how to add this multi-faceted system to your property this summer!